Inexpensive Tips To Help Sell a House – Clean and Uncluttered Homes Are More Likely To Attract Buyers

Before a house goes on the market, it needs to be cleaned inside and out. People hate walking through a dirty house, and potential buyers with asthma or allergies do not want to be breathing in dust, mold and pet dander say the experts from investment property Dallas website. A bad reaction means no return visit and no sale.

Cleanliness Will Help Sell A House

Make sure that the house is kept vacuumed and dusted. If possible, remove nuts and nut products. A growing number of people are severely allergic to nuts, even reacting if nuts are present in a room. It’s a small thing for the seller, but a huge issue for a potential buyer with this dangerous allergy.

A clean house always looks more appealing. Kitchens and bathrooms especially should be spotless . Small expenses such as putting up a new shower curtain can really make a bathroom look better. Strip old wax to make floors look newer and cleaner.

A damp basement smells musty. If there is mold, have it professionally removed before the house is listed. If the water problem can’t be solved before the house goes on the market, it should at least be addressed by getting rid of any existing dampness. Use fans to dry the basement and keep it dry. Buyers need to know if there are issues with dampness, but keeping the basement dry while the house is on the market at least makes it possible for people with breathing problems such as asthma to view the house safely.

Get Rid of Clutter in the House

Viewing a house jammed full of junk is unpleasant, and makes it hard for a potential buyer to see a room’s proportions and size.

Keep personal items to a minimum. Clear off all kitchen and bathroom counter tops and make sure dishes are washed and put away. The bedrooms will look better if dresser tops are cleared and toys, clothes and shoes are out of sight. Buyers would rather see a few plastic totes than stacks of personal belongings. Don’t forget the closets! People want to see how big they are, and don’t want to be met with an avalanche if they open a closet door.

Remove collectibles. Customers may bring their children, and a valuable item could get broken. Collectibles are best packed out of sight and out of reach. People should be looking at the house, not at someone’s treasures.

Pets and House Buyers Don’t Mix

Some people are afraid of or allergic to animals. If possible, remove dogs and cats from the home during viewings. Pet birds should be securely caged. Make sure people can’t trip over squeaky toys and dog beds, and clean the litter box often. While a house is up for sale, find a temporary foster home for any exotic pets such as snakes, lizards or tarantulas. Some people won’t even come inside if they know there are snakes or other unusual creatures in the house.

Repaint Before Selling A House

Fumes from oil-based paints are unpleasant and can be a real problem for some people with breathing disorders. When repainting inside, use latex or water-based paints. They dry fast and the fumes are minimal. Use neutral colours. A potential buyer may be put off by dramatic, dark or vivid colours. Neutrals are less likely to look dated, and are easier for a new owner to repaint later if he or she wants.

Realtors stress curb appeal. A home with peeling or faded paint looks uncared for and run down. If the outside of the house needs painting, do it. Neglected gardens are not appealing, either, so clean them up and plant some hardy annuals for instant colour.